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They constitute an agreement between Grey Hours Limited (« us ») and the Visitor or the Buyer (« Client », « he », « you »).


These General Conditions of Sales are applicable to all sales of products concluded at a distance through the Site.
These General Conditions of Sales are described below:

Grey Hours Limited reserves the right to modify, rectify or update certain provisions of the « General Conditions of Sales ». It is necessary that they be read and reread by the Buyer prior to each order of products on the Site. These changes are effective as of their online date and cannot be applied to orders placed prior to that date.

Each online sale is governed by these General Conditions of Sales for all traders or professionals (corporate or individual), non-professionals or consumers (individual).

We inform you that, to the extent that the Buyer orders the products on line, the agreement on the content of these General Conditions of Sales does not require a handwritten signature.

The Client may, at any time, get acquainted with these General Conditions of Sales, into force, on the Site and/or advancing a simple request to our Customer Service by email at

If the Client or the Visitor does not accept these Conditions, he will not be authorized to continue on our Site.

If a child under 18 years old wants to access the Site or accepts our General Conditions of Sales, the child must ask his parents or his legal guardian to read our Privacy Policy before registering to use the Site or other services on this Site.


The Site « » is the property of the following Company:

Grey Hours Limited.

Registered with the Registry of Commerce and Companies of Hong Kong under No. 1818847.

Whose head office is situated in:

Suite 2101, 21/F.
Tower One, Lippo Centre, 89 Queensway.
Hong Kong.


We strive to provide the utmost care and greater accuracy to update information, description of products and data available on the Site.

However, the Company cannot be held responsible for non-substantive errors that may occur.

Similarly, although photographs and other reproductions accurately represent our products on the website, they are, however, only indicative and have no contractual value.

Grey Hours Limited accepts no liability for any interruption or unavailability of the Site, for any bugs, inaccuracies or incomplete information on the Site, for any damage resulting from fraudulent acts of third parties (such as intrusion) from the Site.

Grey Hours Limited makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, regarding all or part of the Site.


All orders on our Site require the creation of a « Customer Account ».

The Client must register and create an account online. To register, the Client must provide valid and up-to-date personal information, such as first name and last name, complete mailing address, phone number and email address.

The Client may establish a permanent connection ID and a password.

The identification and password of the Client are personal and strictly confidential information that cannot be used or disclosed to third parties. The Client is responsible for the use of its Customer Account by third parties, particularly due to recklessness or negligence that is the responsibility of the Client.

These personal information are essential to proceed with the delivery of the order.

GREYHOURS is committed to preserving the confidentiality of personal data provided by the Buyers of this Site.


Our products and prices are valid as long as they are visible on our Site and within the limits of available stocks.

Here are the steps while making an order:

• 1st step : select the products

On the website, the buyer may select, enter and confirm the quantity of wanted items; the selected items are then added to the « Cart ».
• 2nd step: verify the selected items

Before finally confirming the « Cart » and confirm the acceptance thereof, the Buyer has the possibility to check or to modify the details and the total price of his order.

• 3rd step: confirmation of the shopping cart and order entry

Once the selection is complete, the Client confirm the « Cart », then he must identify himself in his Customer Account:
- If the Buyer has a Customer Account, he must identify himself with his email address and password.
- If the Buyer does not have a Customer Account GREYHOURS, he must create a « Customer Account » by clicking on the tab « Create », then enter the information.

The Buyer confirms his order when he clicks on « Confirm order » and « I read the General Conditions of Sales which I accept without reservations ». It confirms the order processing and implicitly accepts these General Conditions of Sales.

• 4th step: confirmation of payment

The Client will be redirected to the secured payment site PayPal, Stripe; he must create an account or connect to an existing account, then select the type of bank card and provide the bank card number.

To authorize the transaction, the Client must click on the tab « Continue ».

Data recorded by Grey Hours Limited are evidence of the nature, content, date and method of payment of the order. These information are archived by Grey Hours Limited, the Buyer can access this information by contacting our Customer Service.

Orders are not final until they have been confirmed by email by Grey Hours Limited. The amount of the transaction will be charged from the order of the product. However, in the event that the time elapsed between the confirmation of payment made by the Buyer and the sending of the order summary by Grey Hours Limited, the product ordered is no longer available, the Buyer will immediately be notified by email.


PRICE The total purchase price shown when ordering is inclusive of all taxes. In case of promotions, the quoted price is only applicable during the period of the corresponding promotion.

If these conditions had to be modified for any reason whatsoever (duties, taxes, exchange rates), the prices shown are likely to vary according to changes in these conditions, without prior notice. Our prices are applicable only when they are displayed. We reserve the right to modify the prices shown on the Site at any time. Therefore, the prices charged are those shown on our Site at the time of placing the order.

If the shipment of the goods involves additional cost, these costs will be displayed before the order is placed. PAYMENT The Buyer may pay by bank card via the secured payment site, PayPal, Stripe. The following bank cards are generally accepted: CB, Maestro, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, Cofinoga, etc. (not exhaustive). The order will be registered upon acceptance of payment by the bank service. The Buyer may pay online with confidence by entering the number and expiration date of his bank card, as well as the security code on the back of the card to fill in the spaces provided for this purpose. SECURED PAYMENT Payment by bank card on the Site is completely secured using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). When purchasing, bank details and details of payments of the Client are directly transmitted to our Bank.

None of the banking information concerning the Client is transmitted through our Site, none of the data is recorded or stored on our server.

The bank cards are debited the day of its approval by the Buyer, subject to approval of the transaction by the competent payment centers, otherwise, the order will not be taken into account. The payment online by bank card leads to a booking of the products ordered by the Buyer. In case of refusal of transaction by payment centers, Grey Hours Limited reserves the right to suspend the corresponding orders. The Buyer will be notified by email or by phone, and will have to contact his Bank and work with the Customer Service to unlock the transaction. ANTI-FRAUD CONTROLS To prevent any risk of identity theft and fraud whatsoever, Grey Hours Limited reserves the right to conduct random check and/or to request proof of residence and/or proof of identity to any Buyer or Purchaser, and, for any order of products subject to repeated attempts to fraud, or whose delivery address is different from the billing address.


Grey Hours Limited retains ownership of the items ordered and delivered until full payment, that is to say, until receipt of the complete and effective payment of the price by our Company.

In case it’s not a full payment or a partial payment, Grey Hours Limited may, without prior notice, claim the item or items that should have been delivered to the Client.

The Client assumes the risks (including loss, theft or damage) for the delivered items from the effective date of delivery.


Grey Hours Limited reserves the right to make any changes at any time it deems necessary to its products without extending these changes to the products ordered or delivered before such changes.

Depending on the destination, delivery will be made within 10 working days from the day of confirmation of your order.

We will inform the Client more precisely about the date of delivery through an email sent to the address provided during the order process.
RECEIPTThe products are delivered to the address specified during the order process.

Upon receipt of the order, we recommend the Buyer to verify if the delivered products comply with his order or damaged and indicate any anomaly, where appropriate and possible, in handwritten on the delivery form accompanied with signature.

In case the address given is incorrect or incomplete, Grey Hours Limited will be entitled to claim payment of new delivery costs.
SPECIAL CASES:Beware that if the Client entrusts the receipt of the product to a third party (the concierge of your building, neighbours, receptionist at your workplace, etc.), he or she receives the package on the name and on behalf of the Buyer.

He or she is responsible in this respect, the Client must ask him or her to be vigilant about usage precautions and remind him or her to receive the product with the same care as if he or she was personally the final recipient.

The package is under the responsibility of the carrier and delivered against signature at the delivery address specified by the Buyer.
TRANSFER OF RISKSAt the time of delivery of the goods, the risk of destruction or accidental deterioration of the goods sold is transferred to the Buyer, including the case of a purchase by mail.

The transfer takes place at the time of delivery, even if the Buyer is in delay of acceptance of the package.
LATE DELIVERY OR NON-RECEIPT OF YOUR PRODUCTGrey Hours Limited makes every effort to meet deadlines of delivery mentioned during the registration of the order.

In case of non-receipt of a package within the time specified, the Buyer is invited to contact Grey Hours Limited so that an investigation is carried on; the investigation may take several days. During this period, no refund and no return of product can be made.

The above conditions apply without breach by the Client such as a lack of full payment. We will then immediately contact the Client to send the new date of delivery. If the Client refuse the new date of delivery, he or she can cancel his or her order by sending us the request by email to

In case the package is confirmed lost by the carrier, the Buyer will receive a refund of his purchase or a resending of his order at the sole discretion of Grey Hours Limited.

If possible stock outs affects the current order, Grey Hours Limited will inform the Buyer as soon as possible on the new date of delivery. In this case, the Buyer may cancel his order and be reimbursed the amount he already paid to Grey Hours Limited within 30 days from the date of cancellation of the order.

The account corresponding to the credit/debit card used to place the order will be credited.


Any return, refund, cancellation must be made by the Buyer directly to Grey Hours Limited as notified by the latter in its General Conditions of Sales.

No return or refund will be accepted without our prior consent.
RETURNThe Client has a withdrawal period of seven (7) days from the date of delivery of his order without penalty, except of the cost of return.

The Client must adequately protect the watch or watches in its original boxes and include all original elements intact.

All products returned without physical protection, poorly protected, damaged, soiled or incomplete, will not be eligible for warranty, they will not be returned or exchanged.

REFUND AND CANCELLATIONThe present right of return only applies to products returned in their original condition, allowing their reselling by Grey Hours Limited.

Products returned without physical protection or protected inadequately will automatically be excluded from any proceeding, as well as damaged and soiled products. The Client must therefore ensure the protection of the product(s).

Upon receipt of the package, we will proceed with the verification and refund of the order if the product has been returned in the manner requested above.
SPECIAL CASES:If the Buyer finds that the product received does not correspond to the product he or she ordered (wrong reference, wrong color of the product,), he or she can request a refund or an exchange. If the replacement is not possible, the Buyer may return the product and get back the corresponding price within 30 days. The cost of return will be at our expense.

If the Buyer wishes to not receive the product anymore and that his order has already been confirmed, he must contact our Customer Service. We will proceed to the cancellation and refund of the order within 30 days.

If the order has been shipped out, the Client is requested to refuse the package by specifying the reason to the carrier (cancellation). Once the product is received by our agents, we will cancel the order and refund the corresponding amount within 30 days.

In case the Client has already accepted the order, he is to keep the package in the state he received it and contact immediately our Customer Service to follow the return procedure.
REPAIRUpon receipt of the watch, we will create a registration dossier. If the repairs are covered by the warranty, the watch can be repaired within 15 to 30 days depending on the repairs to be done.

If the repairs require an estimate, it will be done within 7 to 14 working days. Once we have obtained the agreement of the Client and the settlement of the estimated amount confirmed, the watch will be repaired and shipped back within a maximum of 6 weeks.

For all questions about repairs, the Client shall contact our Customer Service at and indicate the return number.


GREYHOURS provides a lifetime warranty against all manufacturing faults and hidden defects.

The warranty applies to all watches bought on our Site or at one of our authorized distributors.

For the repair of a product covered by the warranty GREYHOURS, thank you to carefully review the user manual provided with the products.
EXCLUSIONS:Are expressly excluded from the International Warranty GREYHOURS:

• Theft, loss.

• Consequences of normal ageing and wear of the bracelet and the glass.

• Functional failure of the watch due to the depletion of the battery or the battery life.

• Loss of water resistence following a contact with water to 5 atmospheres or while using the crown underwater.

• Consecutive damages due to the use of alcohol or a detergent, or the presence of significant damages or corrosion on the watch.

• Watches whose serial numbers or other characteristics have been deliberately erased or altered.

• Defects resulting from accidents, misuse, abuse, lack of care, improper use or abuse (for example, but not limited to: shock, scratches, welts, indentations, crushing and strong magnetic fields).

• Damages due to handling or modification or repair not made by the Company Grey Hours Limited, an authorized distributor Grey Hours Limited or one of its authorized Service Centers.

• Damages caused by improper use of the watch and non-observance of the user manual provided by Grey Hours Limited.

Important: any other warranty offered by the dealer engages only its own responsibility. No individual or company is authorized to change the terms of the given warranty. This warranty gives you specific legal rights that may be supplemented by any applicable laws of the country concerned.

The Clients requesting additional services or who are unable to present a valid Certificate of Warranty will be charged an intervention fee by Grey Hours Limited.


A RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feed is produced automatically as and when updating a given website. Grey Hours Limited offers to the Client a listing of RSS Feeds allowing the update of articles published on the Site The Feed will be updated automatically, or by manual refresh of the internet browser or the mail program according to the options chosen.

You can unsubscribe a RSS Feed at any time by removing the browser and/or the mail program. These RSS Feeds do not allow Grey Hours Limited to obtain information about you. For technical reasons, Grey Hours Limited only knows the number of subscribers to its RSS Feed.


Grey Hours Limited is the publisher of a page of information and presentation of Grey Hours Limited on the social network Facebook™.

Visitors can follow the page of GREYHOURS. Personal information that the Client defined as public and accessible on his profile is available to Grey Hours Limited.

Grey Hours Limited does not create and does not use any independent database of Facebook™ with the published personal information.

If the Visitor is against Grey Hours Limited to access its personal information published on his Facebook™ profile (and which are visible to the public), we remind that Facebook™ provides the ability to restrict access to its data. We therefore recommend the Visitor to regularly read the personal data policy of Facebook™.


All items featured on our Site, descriptions, prices, data, audio clips, graphics, illustrations, images, drawings, designs and logos appearing on these items, their packaging, the selection and arrangement of these, and all the software on the Site whether registered or not, are and remain the exclusive property of Grey Hours Limited.

These items are as far as possible, protected by copyright and/or are the property of Grey Hours Limited. Thus, unless otherwise stated, the intellectual property rights on the documents contained on the Site and all elements created on the Site are the exclusive property of Grey Hours Limited, it does not grant any license or any right other than consult the Site.

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Create derivative works, reverse the conception or the assembly or in any other way otherwise attempt to find the source code (except for the case accepted by law), sell, assign, sublicense or transfer in any manner whatsoever any right pertaining to the software are prohibited.

Similarly, it is also forbidden to modify the software, or to use modified versions of the software, and in particular to gain unauthorized access to the service and access the Site by any other means other than the interface provided to you by Grey Hours Limited for this purpose.

Any act of infringement and any complicity will be prosecuted in court.

BRANDSThe brands and the logos (hereinafter referred collectively to as "the Brands ") reproduced on the Site are registered or non-registered trademarks belonging to Grey Hours Limited or used by third parties under license of Grey Hours Limited. No part of the Site should be construed as granting or implied to grant authorization to use the Brands published on our Site

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COPYRIGHTSAll contents published on the Site are subject to the following copyright: Copyright©2017 Grey Hours Limited.

All rights reserved.
HYPERLINKSSome links on the Site may redirect to other websites operated by third parties unaffiliated to Grey Hours Limited. The presence of these links does not imply endorsement of these sites by Grey Hours Limited.

Grey Hours Limited has not reviewed all the sites linked to its Site and is not responsible for the content or accuracy of any other third party sites off Site or sites linked to its Site.

Users of the Site consult the pages off Site and from third sites at their own risk


It is understood that Grey Hours Limited may terminate with or without prior notice, your use of the Site if Grey Hours Limited reasonably believes that the User violates its Conditions or acted inconsistently with its Agreement, violated the rights of Grey Hours Limited, or for any other reason.

The User acknowledges the rights of Grey Hours Limited to modify the Site or suspend its publication, with or without prior notice to Users.

The User acknowledges that Grey Hours Limited cannot be held responsible under any circumstances, for the consequences caused by such modification or discontinuation of the Site.


The Buyer has a general right to access, modify, rectify and delete data about himself.

When changing information, the Buyer may send an email to In addition, if Grey Hours Limited has reason to suspect that a third party has violated the registration of the Client, his password and/or the login of his Customer Account, Grey Hours Limited would cancel and terminate the account immediately and notify the cancellation by email or by phone.


With the exception of the following, and unless otherwise expressly stated on this Site, Grey Hours Limited does not collect personal data when the User views the Site, send comments or questions, participate or expressly agrees to participate to a contest game.

When the User participate to a contest game or any other promotional activities, we may need to ask his full name, his complete mailing address or email address, in order to ensure the management of the contest and notify the winner. Grey Hours Limited may also use this information for commercial purposes.

Grey Hours Limited agrees to not distribute, rent or give any personal information to third parties other than Companies owned by Grey Hours Limited without the written agreement of the affected party.

Any other information, suggestion, idea, notes and any other document sent to will not be considered confidential or exclusive information, or commercial secret and, by sending this information, the Client or Visitor gives to Grey Hours Limited an irrevocable and unlimited right to use, modify, reproduce, transmit, and display the information for any purpose whatsoever. Unless otherwise an obligation imposed by legislation, Grey Hours Limited will not use the name related with this information, this document, this suggestion, idea or note without prior written consent.


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