GREYHOURS has now ceased operations.

Our ambition to create long lasting products has come to an end. In a world where technology has taken over, our brand has grown increasingly irrelevant. Our inability to adapt to this new reality has ultimately led the company to its end.

We want to first thank all our community who held us in high regards for 8 long years. We cannot recount the amount of support and praise we received for our work in those many years and we wouldn't have survived this long without you.

We also want to thank our suppliers and partners who sticked with us and helped our little brand create watches that were such a pleasure to own and wear. We know we were a pain in the ass to work with!

Lastly, for those of you who might encounter issues in the coming year with your watches, here are a few pieces of advice:

1. Change the battery of your watch every 16 months at the latest, even if the battery still seems to be fine. It will ensure the movement does not break trying to run on low power. Use Sony SR920SW batteries, or similar.

2. Do not throw away your buckle, it can be adapted to all types of straps from other brands as long as they have a 20mm lug width.

3. Do not clean your glass with chemicals or aggressive soaps, you will end up removing the anti-reflection coating.

4. For any other issues, try going to a small watch repair center near you, we build the watch so that it can be serviced as easily as possible so that most repair centers around the world can work on it.

That's all for now, our email will still be functionning until the 30 September 2020 but will be cut off after that date.